Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Guest Blog by Richard Chervony

Today I am posting a guest piece by former commissioner Richard Chervony.   Enjoy.

WHO EVER SAID that the money spent on the Alvarez and Marsel LLC report revealed nothing new is terribly wrong. After a grueling incompetent two years and dismantling of every position at Village Hall a nice size crowd sat attentively and listened to this National Firm not only state our deficiency but give us a plan to act and effectuate change.  

This kick in the butt along with three committed COMMISSIONERS who listened, acted and started implementing the recommendations is the result of an 8 hour marathon spearheaded by Mayor Latham, Vice Mayor Wilmoth and Commissioner Strout.

With a break in between meetings for a sumptuous feast courtesy of Halal Market the ENERGIZED Commission Meeting Started to a full packed house.  The Children from TIES feted us with the No Room For Hate Choir, followed by strong words from our State Senator, Jason Pizzo and State Representative, Michael Grieco.  Our State Lobbyist, Ron Book followed with a call for action to ensure our monies get funneled to North Bay Village.  Then in Good and Welfare the same words were heard over and over again “ERADICATE THE WORD INTERIM”. 

The suggestion from Alvarez and Marsal to fill the needed positions with the proper leadership had resonated with the residents.  We were ready for action and the COMMISSION of Three were listening and acting to our needs as they have proven over and over again in their six months in office.

In a quick flurry of action and by the end of a very busy and long Agenda, the Village has named Dan Espino and his firm of Weiss Serrota as our PERMANENT Legal Counsel (pending contract negotiations).  They further filled the TRIUNVURATE of Charter Officials by naming Ralph Rosado as PERMANENT VILLAGE MANAGER (pending contract negotiaitions).  The important vote for me was the righting the wrong of the past commission and REINSTATING CHIEF CARLOS NORIEGA in another unanimous vote of confidence for the direction that will mark the NEW NORTH BAY VILLAGE.  To see Chief Noriega walk back in to Village Hall and keep his promise to his men that he would fight and return to the job and Village he loves was a highlight of the evening. This was followed by the introduction of our PR Director and our new Public Works Director, Jose Olivo.

Let’s not be so quick and overlook the word INTERIM.  Special thanks go to Dr. Ralph Rosado and Dan Espino for stepping into those interims shoes and proving that they are the right fit for the role.  Special Thanks go to that one hero that has served possibly longer as INTERIM CHIEF longer than any other Chief in the History of North Bay Village.  Every time there is a falling out and we replace a Chief, Lt. Brian Collins steps up to the plate and fill the position with dignity, courage and devotion.  Interim Chief Collins (for now and soon to be Lt again), there are no words of gratitude for a job well done.

North Bay Village wakes up this Wednesday morning to a NEW DAWN of action and a plan to move forward.  To soar to new heights of greatness and accomplish the vision we the residents voted for last November.  Several key positions are to be created and everyone needs to get in sync.  But there is a great sense of renewal and commitment coming from the dais and the administration and as the song says…………  THERE’S NO STOPPING US NOW!

Richard Chervony
May 15, 2019  

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