Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Real New Day In North Bay Village

The results are in. 

Mayor - Brent Latham 1,299 votes versus Laura Cattabriga 872  (60% to 40%)
Commissioner At Large - Julianna Strout 1,396 versus Robert Alvarez 735 (66% to 34%)

The message is as clear as the results are decisive.  
  • Stop the petty corruption.  
  • Stop the self serving grandiosity.  
  • Run the city for the residents. 
  • Clean the streets.
  • Fix the infrastructure.  

This was always very clear but it took Strout and Latham a huge amount of work to get the message out there and right up until last night it was not clear that enough people were listening.  Laura Cattabriga tried to carry her lie about Latham's residency all the way to the end and yesterday at the polls was still talking to voters about her false claims.  

The new few months will take a lot of hard work.  The damage wrought by Connie Leon Kreps and her sycophants was not just simple legislation.  Over the last year, they have wrecked the structure of the Village and that will not be easy to fix. 
The administration is saddled with an interim village manager, acting police chief and interim village clerk.  We have a village attorney who has interfered in every function of government and demoralized city staff.  The voters passed a number of Charter Amendments that make no sense and we are facing several lawsuits.  Untangling this will not be easy.  

But fortunately, we have three people on the dais who are clear eyed, transparent and ready to work.  They are going to need a lot of help but I have little doubt about their ability to get it right.  

Kevin Vericker
November 7, 2018

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