Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Last Commission Meeting


Following the well deserved defeat of Laura Cattabriga and the repudiation of the insanity of the tenure of Mayor Connie Leon-Kreps, you would think the commission would gracefully accept the will of the people and move along.  In the past, the commission has cancelled the regular November meeting in favor of allowing the new commission to be sworn around the middle of November and then holds their first meeting a day or two later.  

But nothing has been normal about this commission and there is a regular meeting scheduled for next Tuesday night at 6:30 PM where they will run a full, routine looking agenda.  For the detail on the agenda, click here.  

But nothing is normal about this commission.   Mayor Crazy Eyes, "Vice Mayor" Andreana Jackson, and self appointed commissioner Laura Cattabriga, are the masters of the last minute new business items.   Among them they have included:  

  • The surprise firing of previous Village Attorney Robert Switkes unnoticed and late at night.  
  • The illegal removal of Doug Hornsby, advertised as a "discussion" but with a fully prepared agenda item. 
  • The massive change to the height limits on the Causeway passed in a special meeting with little public notice. 
  • The vicious attacks on Yvonne Hamilton coming out of left field, laden with false accusations.  

The list goes on and we just can't trust them.   It is entirely conceivable that at this meeting they will introduce new items, such as:

  • Making permanent the appointment of Graciela Marriott as Village Clerk without a proper search. 
  • Making permanent the appointment of Lewis Velken as Village Manager without a proper search.  
  • Deepening the poison pill contract with the Village Attorney to prevent his dismissal.
  • Even attempt to mess with the election results (the idea has been discussed).  
Cattabriga and Kreps are out but the fallout from their shambolic actions on the commission could still have consequences and Andreana Jackson is simply not trustworthy.   

They need to cancel this meeting.  It's time to go away with at least a little dignity.  

Kevin Vericker
November 8, 2018

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