Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 11 2018

The Commission meeting reached a new low tonight.  During the section known as "Good & Welfare", where residents are specifically allowed to address their government, two residents spoke objecting to the continued presence of Ana Watson, who is facing four felony charges, on not one but two Boards.   

The Mayor, prodded by the Vice Mayor, shut them both down on the grounds that the item was not on the agenda.  In fact, the purpose of Good & Welfare is for residents to bring up matters of concern that are not on the agenda.  This concept is well known to Mayor Kreps.  In fact, the first time I ever saw her at a commission meeting, her face was twisted in rage and she was demanding that she would speak about whatever she chose.  

These two residents were expressing their genuine concern that there continues to be a presence in the Village Commission inner circle who is facing prosecution.  The residents were legitimately concerned about this situation.   

It should be noted that elected officials facing felony charges are routinely removed from their posts, not as a presumption of guilt, but as a precaution against them using their public position to help their case.  

It should also be noted that in an earlier meeting, Laura Cattabriga did not join Eddie Lim in setting an Ethics Requirement for Board Members.   Apparently she does not consider ethics useful.  

Worse than the Mayor and the Vice Mayor shutting them down during their established right to free speech was the silence of Mayoral Candidate Commissioner Laura Cattabriga.  This is the person who constantly talks about the need for communication and open discussion but when it comes to her friend.  Silence.  

Worse, far worse, is that the Vice Mayor took over an item prepared by the Mayor to try to force the firing of Village Clerk Yvonne Hamilton.  Hamilton is a 29 year employee of the Village and has served as an exemplary Village Clerk.  In fact, she is often the only adult in the room and has tried consistently to bring order to a shambolic and poorly run commission.  

The motion was "deferred" until the next meeting, with Laura Cattabriga not willing to take a stand.  

This is bad, people.  

The Mayor does not even control the meetings.  The Commission is going after residents for being concerned.  The longest serving senior employee is being threatened.  

But there's this.  Andreana Jackson is leading us all in the peaceful practice of Yoga next month.   

Kevin Vericker
September 11, 2018

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