Thursday, September 6, 2018

North Bay Village Ugly™

There are a series of vile and violently themed videos on YouTube designed to intimidate those people in North Bay Village who are perceived to be against the candidacy of Laura Cattabriga.  

My best guess is that these are from an semi-anonymous troll involved with the Cattabriga campaign, and previously by the Kreps campaign, and are designed to be divisive and crude.  

Note that the videos are not aimed at people who are actually running for office. 

Instead they smear residents who are not running with the purpose is to make the campaign uglier, not to bring information forward.  

They send the message that if you don't line up to support Cattabriga even though you are a private citizen, you're next.  

In one, the video attacks the only veteran we have had on the commission in years, Doug Hornsby, twice wounded in Vietnam, and attempts to paint him a bully and a sleaze.  

In another video, they attack Richard Chervony, former commissioner, using the old classic homophobic tropes.   

Mayoral Candidate Laura Cattabriga signed on to Fair Campaign Practices Pledge not to engage in dirty tactics and while this video series is not directly from her campaign, it is clear that these are designed to disparage people who do not support her.  I call on Cattabriga to denounce the use of anonymous trolling in this campaign.  There are words to be said and issues to be discussed but they should be said and discussed publicly and focused on the Village, not the people.  

No I'm not linking to the videos.  If you want to see them, email Laura Cattabriga and ask her. 

Kevin Vericker
September 6, 2018

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