Friday, July 3, 2015

Traffic and Parking Report For July

The Causeway Project

According to Commissioner Richard Chervony, the Causeway traffic nightmare is over for the time being.  There is still some work to do but it's not the crazy delay causing work we've seen.  Here is his update:
Good news in time to celebrate our National Holiday. The Causeway is back open to full access on the West lanes (heading to Miami). The East Lanes are also open but not the left lane, letting traffic flow freely.

All that is left of this project is placing some meters that were on the left lane on the sidewalk and then the street will be resurfaced and open back to traffic (aprox. one more week).
Once further information is obtained on the sewer line or the Triple R project I will post for your information.

There is a next phase coming up on Treasure Island and that will be followed by a compete resurfacing that will take nearly a year so we might as well get used to it, but at least we get a break for a little while. 

During this project, we have received zero notification from village hall.  Our Village Manager is proud of his lack of respect for electronic and other media.  The other members of the dais also refuse to communicate directly with their constituents.  Chervony is taking a lot of heat and disrespect for his efforts from them and I for one am grateful that we get at least some news.  

A North Bay Village Police Officer Was Injured Tuesday In A Road Rage Incident

Tuesday night an officer directing traffic at the intersection of North Bay Island, Harbor Island and the Causeway was struck by a car after telling the driver, a North Bay Island resident. that she could not make a left turn on to North Bay Island.  The driver attempted to anyway and hit the officer with her car, according to what the arrest reports say.  The driver has been charged with three counts of Felony Assault, including assault on a police officer and assault with a deadly weapon (a car.)  I will post more when I know but I understand the officer is recovering from injuries sustained in the attack.   

The Harbor Island Parking Program Continues To Confound.

The half assed, poorly thought out parking permit program for Harbor Island is limping along.  The program depends on the cooperation of the Bay Shore Yacht and Tennis Club to fulfill their obligations to get their parking off street has hit a major snag.  The BYTC (7904 West Drive) have refused to move forward on a contract to rent the parking lot across the street.  

The village has been issuing permits on a exception base to people who otherwise would not qualify in other buildings such as people who claim they only have one space, while at the same time refusing to issue permits for part time residents or people who have their cars registered at another address like their business.  There are still no clear rules for visitors or for people who care to use Vogel Park or the soon to be opened boardwalk at the Moda after 6 PM.  

According to the plan published nowhere publicly, on August 1 the PD will go from issuing warnings to issuing actual tickets but I predict the whole program will quietly die instead.   

Kevin Vericker
July 3, 2015


  1. From what I recall the officer was trying to stop an illegal turn, whom a female driving a maserati, and she obviously thought she was above the law and refused to stop for the officer 3 times and ran over his foot and I guess the shock went all the way up to his arm/shoulder. The officer was doing his job but I guess the rules don't apply to privileged people

  2. I guess having a Maserati ( a status of having money ) doesn't necessarily equates into having brains. It's very sad that anyone can think they are above the law and recklessly put a NBV PO safety at risk.


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