Monday, November 24, 2014

Delusions of Adequacy

Last Friday night, Mayor Kreps's coterie of enablers staged an event for her.  You see the poor thing is operating under the delusion that there are many active boards in North Bay Village.  There are only one and a half.  The planning and zoning run by former Vice Mayor Rey Trujillo and Connie's campaign manager, and occasional meetings by the Community Enhancement Board where they talk about flowers.   

Instead of telling her that there really were no active boards, the group got together and started giggling, "Dude, what if we like held an  awards dinner and told people to come and gave them awards like they actually did something.  And Connie would totally buy it."  And so they did. 

Because according to Eddie Lim's FB page, they gave out recognitions to the Youth Services Board (no meeting since October 2013), the Business Advisory Board (no meeting since November 2013) and no mention of the Citizens Budget Oversight Board (met but never came once to a commission meeting in 2014).  

In any event, I don't like Mayor Kreps but it's cruel of these people to play into her delusions like that.  They should be helping her get the care she so desperately needs, not mocking her.  I hope they stop.  

Kevin Vericker
November 24, 2014

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