Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Blue Skies, Smiling At Me.

Connie Leon-Kreps won the office of the Mayor on her first try handily.  The margin was 60-40.  

Jorge Gonzalez won this time after his 2012 defeat by 54-44.   Let me parse that since Mr. Gonzalez might sue me!  In 2012, he lost the vote to Mario Garcia.  In 2014, he won against Mr. Garcia.  So while it is true that Gonzalez has a history of losing, he has a present of being a winner.   Please don't sue me. 

Contributions to Kreps and Gonzalez Campaigns.
But the real winners in all of this are the Developers, the Village Contractors, and the Lobbyists.  Without their political courage and willingness to finance their interests, North Bay Village might have gone into the future with a competent, stable  mayor and a commissioner who's connected to the community.  Without their tireless efforts, Mayor Kreps may not have had the  money to hire two strip club lobbyists to run her shadow campaign. 

Special thanks goes to the voters who didn't show up, those 2/3rds of you.  Your ability to not give a crap inspires all of us!  I mean you only had 14 days to vote.  What?

Now we can look forward to a future of high rises blocking our bay views, no enforcement of the required bay access, a sewer project that will take years, a substandard school, no parking solutions, and a commission led by an idiot.   Good job all. 

Kevin Vericker
November 5, 2014

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