Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sept 9 2014 Commission Meeting

The Good:  The Commission unanimously approved Chervony's resolution urging Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to stop wasting our money fighting marriage equality.  Twice divorced AG Pam Bondi who is currently shacking up with her boyfriend since really she doesn't get what marriage is has been pursuing the goal of ensuring that marriage is unlimited for some and prohibited for others.  

History:  North Bay Village was the second city in Miami-Dade county to pass a Human Rights Ordinance protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation.  Tuesday was proud continuation of that.  

The Bad:  The Commission continues to shoot itself in the foot on the Transparency Issue.  As reported here before, they responded to a string of complaints about not reporting gifts in excess of $25 by raising the amount they do not have to report to $100.  They don't get that the problem is not the amount, but it's not reporting the gift.  

The Commission decided to override a 2002 law requiring that the village change auditors every three years so they can keep the current auditor (4 years already) for another 3 years.  The mayor, who previously had supported the 3 year limit, commented that "she was very sorry that she didn't remember her previous vote." but I think she was being sarcastic, and then voted to overturn it.  

The Absurd:  The Mayor continue to use the dais for re-election events by giving out awards.  After four years of ignoring the elderly in North Bay Village, the Mayor decided to give an award to the Treasure Island Care Facility.  The Mayor is not committing to elder services and has not put anything in the budget, but hey an award. 
The Ugly:  Gonzalez pushed his "twinning" of North Bay Village with Isparta Turkey, and even presented Isparta Mayor Yusuf Ziya Gunaydin via Skype  to speak through an interpreter.  Mayor Yusuf (as he prefers to be known) is a member of the ultranationalist, right wing pro-Islamic Turkish party called the MHP, So thanks for that, Mr. Gonzalez.  

 Gonzalez specified that the city did not pay for his trip to Isparta in May but still has not specified who did pay for it.  He did not have any further comment on his foray into Middle Eastern politics except to show us a really good picture of North Bay Village.

Next Month:  The Commission will hear plans to plan a new park under the metal grate bridge.   It promises to be fun.  

Tonight:  The Budget Meeting.  

Kevin Vericker
September 10, 2014.


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