Friday, September 26, 2014

ROBOCALLS - Coming soon to a phone near you!

Mayor Kreps is planning a series of recorded calls to be sent to a phone near you in which she - 
  • Will claim that she alone saved North Bay Village from bankruptcy by strengthening our reserves.
  • Will warn darkly that her opponent wants to give North Bay Village to the city of Miami. 
  • Will instruct you to vote for her.  
 That Connie and Cohort spent all the money in the reserve on wasteful lawsuits,  moving city hall three times, hiring and firing a city manager, and in a grand flourish, giving away our recreation funds to design an Under-Bridge to Nowhere, then had to raise our taxes to pay for these decsions will probably not be mentioned.  

Nor has anyone, let alone her opponent, suggested that North Bay Village dis-incorporate to become part of Miami.  Nobody.  Well, except her.  She's been in early talks to have Miami Beach take over our police department according to several police sources.   

But when your record is that you wasted $1 million on a losing lawsuit, paid $80,000 because you thought you made a hiring mistake, spent another $100,000 or so on an unnecessary move of the city hall, I guess you just have to make stuff up.  

On the plus side, I bet Robo Connie sounds good on the phone. 

Kevin Vericker
September 26, 2014

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