Saturday, June 7, 2014

North Bay Village Police IT Manager Arrested for Aggravated Assault

 Update:  All charges relating to this incident were dropped on July 3, 2014. 

Early Friday morning, Johnny Saavedra, the Police Dept IT Manager, was arrested and charged with Felony Aggravated Assault during a traffic incident.  It's not yet known if the Village has responded.  This is the same IT manager who set the phone system to illegally record all phone calls to and from the village administration, an act that has not had any repercussions so we may see the same lack of action this time.  For the full story on the phone monitoring, click here.

Kevin Vericker
June 7, 2014


  1. He was not involved in the installation of the recording equipment ,but I fact found it recoding all phone call and brought to the village attention, FYI all charges where dropped due to cooperation and false statements, I would watch what you keep blogging about the recording and blaming Mr. Saavedra ...a law suit may come your way Kevin

  2. Anonymous, if you have further information on this and want to share it, that would be great. It's best if you don't write anonymously but as the story was told me by several sources, Mr. Saavedra did indeed bring it to the attention of the Village Manager, who then hid the disk, and said it was a misset switch and his mistake. What did I get wrong?


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