Monday, June 9, 2014

Lim Kreps Respond To The Barry University Takedown Of Their Administration.

 In the Sun Post Weekly's follow up on the Barry University survey, Mayor Kreps and Vice Mayor Lim were apparently surprised by the survey's findings.   Here's Eddie Lim:

 “Corruption within and self interests in public offices is at its peak,” Lim read word for word from the report. He snorted “What the hell are they talking about?” 

And Mayor Kreps first went to her default position - blame me: 

 “You may have a couple of residents , who maybe in the room right now, that would tell you that we are corrupt and we are not transparent,” said Kreps. 

Then Mayor Kreps goes on to say: 

 “We don’t have a vision, we are wasting money, we are not using our brains,” She laughs after reenacting the type of typical criticism she hears a lot as mayor. 

 But you see that's wrong in her view because: 

“We brought in a professional village manager." 

Which is totally true. She brought in Dennis Kelly and he stayed about a year before she fired him. Then he sued the village for $80.000. Then she replaced him with Frank Rollason who has never been a city manager and it shows. 

So she pushed for, accepted, praised the survey and (excuse me while I shout) NEVER READ IT.  

Seriously, she and her crew NEVER READ THE SURVEY.  

She concludes the discussion with this gem.   Kreps says she will never be led out in handcuffs unless "somebody sets me up."   Paranoid much?  
It seems the voices in her head, the same ones that praise her constantly and punish her unfairly, are issuing her new warnings, so loud she lets them leak out. 

If you want to read the survey, click here and go to page 17.  Hell, I'll just put the whole page up   at the bottom of this post.  But you have to read the Sun Post article at this link  Miami Sun Post Village Mayors Respond to Survey Criticism.

Here's Page 17 from the Barry Report:  

Lacking transparent government spending and fair budget allocation both are serious issues in NBV. Corruption within and self interests in public offices is at its peak. Budget costs are lost due to mismanaged activities.

No transparent system has been executed, which make it clear that where and when the monies are going to be spent and which department has received how much amount and how much development has been taken place, encourages future mismanagement.

There is a lack of sincere leaders at NBV. They make campaign promises to the community and attain their votes, but afterwards any sound communication efforts between them and residents ceases.

Lack of agreement amongst leaders of the community and no strong sense of unity take the public’s interests away from them and thus hampers the development and the  business activities in the area.

People on the Board are fighting with each other for power. Almost no good and democratic leadership exists in NBV.

Kevin Vericker
June 9, 2014

There, the lowest level of communication between management of the Village and residents exists that is not enough to highlight serious issues of the public they serve. Money allocated to spend for developing and improving infrastructure is all gone wasted due to current and previous poor decisions.

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