Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pass Go and Collect $70,000

North Bay Village Manager Dennis Kelly resigned this week and his last day is Tuesday. 

On Monday, at 6 PM, the commission is meeting to decide his severance package.  A severance package is usually given to an employee who is let go without cause.  I know of no private company that offers severance packages to employees who quit
Simply put, the severance is for a layoff or dismissal without cause, not a resignation. 
I think what happened is that Kelly was pushed, that is asked to resign with a promise of walking away money, in this case to tune of about $70,000.  I think that's wrong.  

I diverge with many others in that I like and respect Dennis Kelly.  I am disappointed in how he has managed the whole "sick" building problem and vehemently disagree with his lack of investigation on the police chief nepotism scandal but on the whole Kelly has managed us through financial issues, worked out useful plans for civic improvement and improved the non police staffing levels. 

Look at this way.  We are already $193,000 over budget, this adds another $70,000.  Our reserves are around $400,000 unencumbered,.  This brings that down to $150,000 more or less.   That's scary.  

If there are causes for dismissal issues, then they must be discussed.  If the reason Kelly is to leave is that the city commission wants him gone, then they need to follow the contract.  The pay to resign is sleazy. 

The meeting itself is in the cramped temporary offices at 1666 JKF Causeway Monday at 6PM.  This is probably deliberate to keep public participation to a minimum.   I'm going and I hope those who can be there will as well.  I have no intention of disrespecting Dennis Kelly but our commission has to start doing things the right way.  If it's the commission's will to get rid of Dennis Kelly, then they have to do it transparently and legally in the open.  If it was Dennis Kelly's choice, then severance is off the table.  No more backroom deals.  

Kevin Vericker
March 29, 2013

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