Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Catch Up

On Wednesday, the Treasure Island Neighbors Association (TINA) met at Trio Restaurant to discuss Public Safety and other issues affecting the residents.  This was a purely resident led meeting for single family homeowners on Treasure Island.  I wasn't there but Mario Garcia did a great job of covering the meeting at his blogClick here to read it.  

Yesterday, Dennis Kelly, the Village Manager, resigned.  There is a special commission meeting Monday at 6 PM.  According to the web page, it will be at 1666 KENNEDY CAUSEWAY, 3RD FLOOR, which seems like it will be awfully cramped.  The residents will probably be very interested in this.   

Police Chief Robert Daniels continues on the job while the village seeks legal advice on his hire of his wife for a no show job.  There are also Ethics and State Attorney investigations on this apparent attempt to violate Florida's nepotism laws and North Bay Village Charter.  The village has not cooperated in those efforts.  

Finally, the Board of Directors at the Lexi took issue with several misrepresentations made about their building during the sick building discussion.  There's an article in Miami Sun Post Weekly about the concerns and you can access at their web site here.  

Kevin Vericker
March 29, 2013  

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