Thursday, November 15, 2012

News Around North Bay Village

Swearing in of the new commissioners will be Friday, Nov 17, at 5 PM.  Jorge Gonzalez and Wendy Duvall will be sworn in at 5 PM on Friday, along with the Mayor and Commissioner Richard Chervony.   
The Commission did not hold its regularly scheduled meeting this month.  There seems to have been fear that the sitting commission would not work to get the business done, a poor reason not to meet.  
This needs to be followed by a regular meeting, currently scheduled for December 11.  The city should move that up if possible or add a second meeting for the week of November 26.  
The Boards need to be appointed and get to work and that can't happen until the commission does so.  Much legislation has been postponed.  We should stop playing games and move along.  
Treasure Island Elementary - The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce awarded $30,000 to Miami Beach Elementary Schools for health care.  This money will provide nursing services at Treasure Island  Elementary, something budget cuts have not allowed.  
Coming up next - how will the school bond affect TIE?   There's new money afoot and Treasure Island will get some.  
For more information, I hope you guys are reading Mario Garcia's blog.
Kevin Vericker
November 16, 2012

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