Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Commission Disgraced Itself This Week

Seriously, we have four people on the dais, only one of whom was elected, and they could not manage to fill the vacancy left by Dr. Vogel.

Connie and Eddie Lim-Kreps, true to their singular nature, could think of no better candidate than Al Blake, the self proclaimed "friend and emissary" of strip club Scott Greenwald, and they promoted him vigorously, brooking no arguments about other possibilities.

On the opposing team (yet oddly the one appointed by the Lim-Kreps team under the aegis of their sponsors), commishes Chervony and Blumberg were promoting Ken Stowe of North Bay Island, who seems like a nice guy but he was really there as an "anybody but Blake".

So they bickered back and forth for a full hour, neither side willing to concede anything or look for a compromise candidate.  After wasting an hour of their time that they could have used doing something constructive, the commission decided to violate the charter, ignore the rules of democracy and leave the seat vacant with no plans to fill it.  Their only obligation, fill a seat that has de facto been vacant for a year and a half, and they couldn't manage it.

Then just to make sure that the evening had all the  class of the Jerry Springer show, Mayor Connie Lim-Kreps let the defeated Al Blake interrupt the meeting so he could toss shade on Blumberg.  Blake actually went to the podium to say, "well, commissioner Blumberg, if you want new blood, why not nominate my wife?"  (Maybe because his wife has been around forever?  And we know her?)

The vice mayor Eddie Lim-Kreps felt obligated to state that a withdrawn resolution by commissioner Blumberg was "stupid."   Eddie Lim-Kreps used to adhere to the Rotary Club principles of debate but as the  realities of governing have exceeded his intellectual capacity, now merely sits and babbles nonsense occasionally interspersed with gratuitous insults.   Not exactly a source of pride, that Eddie.

After all the hysteria of recalls, accusations hurled, lives damaged, the gridlock caused by the Lim-Kreps team, the unconscionable abuse of Paul Vogel, the  checks signed in the dark, after all that, when the coup so profoundly desired and executed by Al Blake and the twins was successful, the Lim Krep twins can't even hold on to the people they hand picked .

Eddie Lim-Kreps is not on the ballot this November, but everyone else is.  Here's an idea.  Throw them all out.  Every one.  

Kevin Vericker
July 27 ,2012

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