Sunday, July 29, 2012

Endorsing David Richardson for State Rep (North Bay Village, Miami Beach, Downtown and Calle Ocho)

David Richardson is running for State Rep in our district and after meeting and discussing our issues with the all three candidates for the post, Richardson is clearly the most aware of our local issues and has the clearest idea of how to fix the state finances.  

Let's start with the money.  It's easy enough for a candidate to promise to cut waste and fraud.  Then the candidate gets elected, finds out how complicated it is and never speaks of it again.  David is different.  

He has the background in government finance and experience in business to look at every budget and financial issue with a sharp, fresh eye.   It's in his DNA.  

This fiscal responsiblity is my main reason for supporting Richardson but there are others.  

I spoke with him at some length about the issues facing North Bay Village and all the coastal communities.  Certainly, Citizens Insurance is a huge problem and all three candidates have acknowledged that, but only Richardson was able to talk about the issues we face with the State Department of Transportation, often at cross purposes to our own use of the causeway (think about how it's been under repair for six years and that nasty dog pound fence on the south side of the bridge between Treasure Island and North Bay Island) and about the larger issues of abandoned properties and their seawalls.   

Richardson did not promise miracles on these points.  He is experienced enough  to know that no single state rep can change the world and is not willing to pander through promises that cannot be kept.  But he listens, hard and well, and promises to work with North Bay Village and for us in Tallahassee on these and other state issues.   

His opponents, Kravitz and Weithorn, have much to recommend them in the general sense, but neither has shown that they get the day to day issues created by the state government on North Bay Village.  .  

I urge you to vote for him on August 14 and to check out his website by clicking here.  

I will be out walking again today on Treasure Island so maybe we can talk more.  

Kevin Vericker
July 29, 2012

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