Saturday, June 23, 2012

Special Commission Meetings

The commission has three special items that they had promised to address in separate commission meetings during the month of June.

Two of them are time sensitive - the audit and the charter revisions.  The law is that the audit must be submitted by June 30.

But the mayor will not be able to meet next week and so we go into the next budget year and the next election cycle with no commission review of the audit nor the proposed charter revisions.

It seems three of the commissioners, the  Lim Kreps and Dr. Vogel, are unavailable owing to prior and current commitments, Lim having already scheduled a vacation, Dr. Vogel having de facto retired from the commission a year ago and Ms. Kreps having certain vague but imperative notions that prevent her from doing her job.

Now I'm not particularly bothered about the Charter Review.  The changes suggested are trivial and punitive in nature, so why take the time?

But the audit matters.  Finance is the most important function of our commission.   And the funny part about the finance issue is that it is the area that our mayors, both appointed and vice, ignore the most.  Did I say "funny"?  I meant "unbelievable and incompetent".   Eddie Lim is of negligible importance to the commission and Dr. Vogel is long away, but Ms. Kreps needs to step up, now and do her job.  No excuses.

And the third special item - the commission consideration of the revisions to the Adult Entertainment Ordinance.  They should do it but since there are no applications for a strip club, that can wait until the July meeting.

Kevin Vericker
June 23, 2012

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