Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Longest Meeting Ever

It's 2:15 AM and the Commission meeting just adjourned.   There was a lot covered and much to say but I'm tired so I'll hit the three big points.

  1. The Federal Court rejected Scott Greenwald's lawsuit today, saying that he didn't have standing to sue since he has no active application for a strip club. Greenwald has 30 days to appeal it but this is good news.
  2. The Commission voted unanimously to remove him from the Budget Oversight Board.  
  3. Commissioners Chervony and Blumberg voted to fire the city manager over a variety of contentions.  While agreeing that the issues are real, Mayor Leon-Kreps and Commissioner Eddie Lim voted against the firing, meaning the motion died.   There will be a great deal more to say about that.  

Job well done to the city for the legal defense against the strip club and for fixing the Budget Oversight issue.  

Oh, and Miami lost some of sort of basketball game.  I'm going to bed. 

Kevin Vericker
now June 13, 2012 

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