Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Strip Club Petition Denied by the City

I received confirmation today that the commission is refusing to hear the Petition Presentation at the Commission Meeting on December 13.

Their explanation is that hearing the concerns of the citizens could jeopardize the rights of the strip club developer, Scott Greenwald. Below is a quote from the city attorney's response to Commissioner Rodriguez' request for the petition to be heard.

All evidence and testimony for the City Commission to consider must take place at the actual hearing on the application when the item comes before the City Commission. Placing a special citizen presentation on the agenda for this item expressing opinion on the application would be outside of the hearing. The appropriate time to take any oral testimony would be during that hearing

The right of the people to address their government is firmly established as a guiding principle of American democracy and the citizens have a right to bring any issue they choose to their government.

I propose that we each show up and talk about this issue during Good & Welfare. The commission may try to shut us down but we have to make sure our voices are heard.

The strip club may be playing a legal game now. They have deliberately not requested to be on the agenda on December 13. The last time they did this, in October 2010, the commission called an "emergency" meeting with 72 hours notice to pass the proposal and it was a huge amount of work to get enough people there to let them know that we didn't want this club. I hope they are not planning to do this again. We need to insist that if the item is to come before, it be at a regular commission meeting with 10 days notice.

This battle is not over.

Kevin Vericker
December 6, 2011

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  1. Kevin,

    Fortunately, this Country is governed by rules and by laws. These are meant to be followed by all and you can not pick and choose which ones to follow. This is meant to protect the liberties of all and to prevent discrimination of any form. You have and will continue to have an opportunity to express your opinion, yet it must be under the rules that govern the City.

    Scott Greenwald


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