Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Current Status about the Strip Club

The petitions are being put together now. We've well over a thousand signatures. Now the question becomes when to give them to the commission. Let's talk about that.

On October 30 of 2010, after Planning & Zoning had rejected the plans for the "building" on the grounds that they were deficient, then commissioners Rey Trujillo and George Kane called a special meeting to approve the plans for the building. Greenwald had been very clear that the building was being considered for all "legal use" including a strip club.

Then the motion was tabled on the grounds that the plans were incomplete.

The important thing about this meeting is that it was called and advertised with 72 hours notice. It was not on the regular schedule and the two commissioners invoked it as an "emergency" measure.

It was clearly designed to attract a minimum of publicity.

In December, 2010, at the regular commission meeting, with a new commission on the dais, it was brought forth again. Again the city established that the plans were incomplete and should not have been recommended for approval. Eddie Lim was the sole vote in favor of the club.

We need to make sure on Tuesday, December 13, 2011, that the city hears loudly and clearly that while their respect for Mr. Greenwald's rights may be important, that we as residents have the right to competent and proactive city planning reviews and legal representatives. We pay these people, a lot, and they should know the law and understand the sensitivities of the residents.

It's appalling that our city planner would have recommended these entirely incomplete plans for approval. Our city attorney should know the one ordinance inside out.

The commission will not hear the petition on December 13. They are taking the cautious view that they don't want to expose the city to lawsuits. But we need to be loud and clear during Good & Welfare that we expect our city services to step up and worry about our rights.

This year, the club was brought in with the exact same incomplete plans. Let me list them:

  1. The measurements to the child care center show 501 feet apart. The law requires 500 feet. The margin of error is .01% and this measurement is .002% of the total. Neither the City Attorney nor the City Planner knew if the measurements portion meant door to door or building to parcel line.

    Without independent verification of the measurement, it is highly suspect to believe these surveys. It wouldn't be the first time a sex oriented business lied about 12 inches.

  2. The parking spaces called for only 307. that means that less than half the entire retail, club and restaurant space would be used for customers. This seems unlikely for any such construction.

  3. The studies required in the code governing adult entertainment to show impact on public safety and on nearby houses were not done.

  4. The traffic impact study was submitted but not evaluated.

  5. The environmental studies were incomplete or not done.

The City Planner should never have recommended the plans for approval.

Tuesday, December 13, make sure the city hears you loud and clear. No tricks, no incomplete plans, n0 "special" meetings, no voting on "the box".

Kevin Vericker

December 13, 2011

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