Friday, July 8, 2011

The First To Admit When I'm Wrong (and other Lies)

We all know the polite social lies - "The check was mailed Tuesday." "You don't look fat in those stretch pants and tube top." "Your call is important to us." etc.

One self-aggrandizing lie that gets up my nose is when people say "I'm the first to admit it when I'm wrong." They never are. I certainly am not. I only admit I'm wrong when absolutely every other possibility has been exhausted and on certain subjects, I simply never get there. And you don't either. Don't lie to me.

Clearly this is leading up to me admitting I was wrong. I was. In regards to my July 1 post, Crossing The Thin Blue Line, I had reported on a rumor that the police employee who disrupted the commission meeting to shout at the chair "I don't work for you." had been the subject of a disciplinary action. The second part is wrong.

The first part is not. An on duty policeman did feel free to heckle the dais, but no disciplinary action has been taken. Nor does it look like any will. In most businesses and all other police organizations, this would be grounds for discipline up to dismissal but not here in North Bay Village.

Are we now paying people to disrespect the commission? What other HR policies are in place? Casual Slur Friday? Pin-The-Tail on the citizens? Hmmm.

So I was wrong. Sorry to have given you some hope.

On the subject of the petition, and a promised post of how the commission works in our form of government, I will be getting to those this weekend.

The commission meeting for next week was canceled as Connie Lim Kreps had a long planned vacation, and Dr. Vogel is still ill. Eddie Lim Kreps could have come but he's no good alone so he sent a message with a polite social lie about being unavailable.

Kevin Vericker
July 8, 2011

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