Saturday, July 2, 2011

The CFD and The Millstone Around Our Necks

The joint collaboration of the county and North Bay Village has paid off. The summer camp is in full swing and there are 48 kids in the camp, 38 from North Bay Village.

Robert Daniels and Corina Esquijarosa worked tirelessly and creatively in these difficult times to establish a county summer camp in North Bay Village, and both took it up a notch to get reduced rates for North Bay Village families. The mayor and the police chief put the need for reduced tuition to North Bay Village businesses who responded generously. Because of this, all NBV kids have a safe and constructive environment at a price families can afford.

Today, as part of their histrionic recall, the CFD took the best accomplishment of the mayor and interim city manager and trashed their success and for good measure, went after the mayor's small children.

I've been getting texts and phone calls today by people who are appalled by how these thugs are now attacking the mayor's small children. Each message was a variation of "I can't believe it." or "Aren't you shocked that they would sink this low."

No, I'm not shocked. I wish I was but sadly I know these people and they have no sense of common decency. But that I'm not shocked doesn't mean that I am not disgusted. I am and I'm sure you are too.

The CFD has never touched on policy, city matters or other civic discourses. For them, it is the struggle to drag others down for their personal gain. I want to note that I am also not shocked that the CFD is turning on Robert Daniels and criticizing the summer camp he worked to create. It was just a matter of time.

Today, the five self appointed watchdogs signed an email with a major lie, that most of the kids are not from North Bay Village. That's a lie. Again 38 of the 48 are.

Then they decided that the mayor's kids were fair game for criticism. Decent people, ones who have raised children and worked to improve their community know there is never a time to bully a child.

Listen, readers, if you honestly think that people who would personally attack five year olds are the ones who should be running the city, sign the petition, but please, please never tell me that you did. I want some illusion that decency still plays a part in our city.

Kevin Vericker
July 2, 2011

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