Monday, June 20, 2011

Trio on the Bay Is Amazing

In a departure from my normal discussion about politics, I want to take today to tell you about Trio on The Bay. We had dinner there Saturday and even with high expectations, this place still blew me away.

If you haven't seen it since it was redone to open as The Bay last year, you should check it out. The bayfront patio with a bar and dining seating is spectacular, as those of us who live in North Bay Village already know. Inside, the restaurant is divided into three main areas, a nice looking bar with booths, an intimate dining area and a larger open floor and dining area. It's nicely decorated and well appointed.

So, the place can be good looking but what really counts is the food and the service. We found both of those right up at the top.

We took advantage of a three course special menu, which included appetizers, entree and dessert plus a bottle of wine for two at $79. Not the cheapest meal in the village but for the standard of the restaurant and as it turned out, the food, a very good value.

For the entrees, I had steak, cooked flawlessly, tender as could be. My partner had a trout with pecans that turned out perfectly. For appetizers we both had a goat cheese encrusted with pistachios and for dessert, an apple crumble and fresh berries. It was matched by a bottle of fine Sonoma Coast Chardonnay.

After the meal, which was huge, and the bottle of wine, it was great to be able to walk home.

I should note that the service was professional and attentive. I also want to mention that the music playlist was so good. I'm not a huge fan of recorded background music in restaurants (or TV's), mostly because I like music and usually the music is pretty bad, but this was noteworthy.

The DJ was spinning music for grownups. Solid jazz classics (Chet Baker: My Funny Valentine, some Gershwin, a little bit of Miles Davis) and samba. I make no promises but I may go back to see what the DJ does late at night.

Overall, Trio on the Bay is a great addition to the Miami dining scene and a star in North Bay Village. You should check it out.

Kevin Vericker
June 20, 2011

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