Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well the bullying happened again. Yesterday, Jean Pankey wrote an open letter about why she believes that the Mayor Esquijarosa should not be recalled. I reprinted it in the blog.

Within 20 minutes, an anonymous email was sent out attacking her personally, not her ideas nor her concerns or opinions. The anonymous writer went after her personally and llke most cyber bullies, anonymously.

Later in the day, the CFD resent the same information, again personal and unrelated to the subject at hand. All six of them did sign the email Richard Chervony, Alvin Blake, James Carter, Flo Clein, Jane Blake and Gloria Carter, so they get credit for that, but the email was just gainsaying until it got personal again so that wipes the credit out.

And that's the problem.

I started this blog to bring a calmer discussion to the many issues facing North Bay Village and in doing so, have exposed people I care about to attacks on their families, their reputations, and their employment by thugs without a scintilla of shame or proof.

In the last year, I have been the victim of mail fraud, slanders, libels and most recently, two weeks ago, my car was vandalized. My family members have been attacked at work and I have to tell you, it's creepy.

Other people have had their livelihoods threatened and their families defamed. Libels have been hurled at them at commission meetings with the explicit agreement of Vogel, and the commissioners Lim-Kreps.

He said, she said, do not make political arguments. They do not improve the civic discourse. These arguments are never resolved.

I have long ago given up on the members of the CFD and seldom engage. I've chronicled that in this blog. Frankly, how can you fight fair on only one side? How do you say "that idea is a problem" when the answer is "you're a (fill in your favorite obscenity)"? You can't.

But the better question is "Why?" Why fight? I need to ask that here.

I have over 400 readers in the area per week. Most of them are people interested in the city. It's time to show up at the meetings. I know they are unpleasant. I know you are exposing yourself to the bullying of a small group. But it's our city.

You don't have to agree with me. Heck, I don't always agree with me, but just come. Ask the questions and demand the answers. If you don't, then the bullies win and the city loses.

More about bullying tomorrow.

Kevin Vericker
June 11, 2011

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