Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm not dangerous, Commissioner Lim

In reference to me, Eddie Lim is quoted in the Miami Herald saying “[Vericker]’s a very dangerous man and he’s making false accusations. We are all aware of the Sunshine Law and we don’t talk about the issues outside.” to which I say "Crap."

Eddie, dangerous in America is when elected officials do things in the dark, like sign checks against the law as the vice mayor has been doing.

Dangerous is when when a resident expressing concern about any part of the city administration is scolded for being "divisive."

Dangerous is when Commissioner Lim continues to attend lavish entertainments funded by the people who will benefit from our tax dollars, as he did a mere two weeks ago in Tallahassee.

Dangerous is when Commissioner Lim refuses to meet with constituents as he consistently has.

Dangerous is when Lim and Kreps use exactly the same words for their convoluted falsehoods as to why they could not meet earlier and the exact same words to deprive the voters a voice in how our money is managed. (Seriously, the only other way two people could have arrived at such outrageous prevarications independently is if my satiric description of he and Kreps as Siamese twins is right.)

Dangerous is when Dr. Paul Vogel shows up with his agenda marked on how to vote on each item and he follows it rigorously.

You are what is dangerous, Commissioner Lim, not someone pointing out that our city is being stolen.

Kevin Vericker
May 1, 2011

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