Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Fix Is In

The agenda for next week's commission meeting is not yet up, but the subject is the resignation of Bob Pushkin.

Well, it seems the twins Lim-Kreps have spoken and guess what? They choose Chief Daniels to be the interim city manager Here's the email from Eddie to the city clerk.

Appoint Chief Daniels as the Interim City Manager for a period of 6 months with appropriate compensation while the City advertise for a new City Manager and a Search / Selection Committee is formed to interview the short listed candidates and to select the most qualified applicant. ?

There will be no discussion, no what needs to be done, no what options are out there. The city's ongoing budget crisis will be turned over to someone who has not cut the police budget. The same one who has provided raises for his favorite staff and who overspent the current budget about 10% so far.

Here's what happens now. Since the twins, Vice Commissioner Lim-Kreps, have agreed between them that Daniels is the man, Mrs. Vogel will be instructed as to how her husband is to vote next Tuesday and he will obligingly do so.

Anyone taking bets on how the police will come out in our next budget? We are on track for another 15% reduction in property values, so I guess they will just have to raise the millage again.

Kevin Vericker
May 17, 2011

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