Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Continuing with Commission

In contrast to Connie Leon-Kreps, Commissioner Eddie Lim won his seat fair and square in the 2010 North Bay Village election and by a large margin. His inaugural comments gave reason for optimism that he would approach the trust with a strong sense of integrity. Lim quoted the Rotary Club test for speech.

1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

and although I would argue that the concepts of Friendship and Beneficial to all concerned are not legitimate in a political context, the questions of truth and fairness are a bedrock civic principle. It was refreshing to hear those words.

The words are ringing a bit hollow now. Lim ardently supported the move to reject Choice Environmental Systems protest at the January meeting without hearing it. This certainly was an attempt to not hear the truth about the most critical operational decision made in the city in the last year - the elimination of side yard pickup. And surely it would have been beneficial to the citizens and other commissioners for Lim to have disclosed his own financial support from Waste Management. It was disappointing.

Last week, Lim agreed enthusiastically by seconding a motion to hear a defamatory rant by a nonresident during the commission workshop and at the meeting before, sat giving quiet support to the same.

Lim voted against the city conducting a full scale search for a professional city manager and instead promoted locking us into a contract with the current part time city manager, without setting goals or guidelines for the same.

At that same meeting, a polite and simple request for his opinion based on his real estate expertise was rejected petulantly with a remark about how he no longer sells real estate was surprising for many. Especially since several houses in the city sport his real estate for sale signs.

You can see that Lim is squirming. When his political ally, the Vice Mayor, his twin in voting, chooses to waste time on the dais by fighting even the smallest of changes simply because the changes were proposed by someone the Vice Mayor does not care for, you can see his embarrassment.

Eddie Lim was elected by all of the citizens of North Bay Village and he needs to step up. He knows better and it's time to demonstrate that. Put North Bay Village first, Mr. Lim. It might make some of your allies angry but remember, not one of them have or ever had the mandate and trust that the voters of North Bay Village put on you. Live up to it.

Kevin Vericker
March 29, 2011

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