Saturday, March 5, 2011

Commission Meeting Tuesday March 8

The agenda has been published. See the end of the post. There are two items that I find interesting:

Item 9E is part of the long saga of the sanitation outsourcing. This item will require that the final contract be approved by the commission as is usual for such a large expenditure. My guess is that this will not pass.

The Waste Management Systems deal is tainted and has been since the beginning. The RFP was poorly evaluated, the contract was passed in a phony meeting designed to disguise the effects, the savings were presented falsely and the commissioner have never acknowledged that sideyard pickup ends for the single family homes. The triad who voted for this elimination of service don't want it looked at publicly and will vote against the commission approval.

Item 9G is a perennial - discussions about whether or not North Bay Village needs a parking permit program. There is already one in place on Harbor Island. This comes uip about every two years, mostly from homeowners on Treasure Island who want the space in front of their house reserved for their exclusive use.

There is no parking problem on Treasure Island. None. I walk this island twice a day, park on the street often (depending if I get home first or not) and sometimes I have to park as far as three or four houses away.

Implementing a parking permit program will significantly reduce our quality of lives. Many of us have lives, social lives, and invite people for dinner and have guests who stay the night or a week. Without a parking permit, where are they supposed to go? There are no public garages as there are in the beach.

The whole idea is a waste of time and the commission should vote a resounding NO on this. Maybe the effort could be directed at the trash who park on their lawn.

Here's the agenda:


Kevin Vericker
March 3, 2011

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