Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tuesday Night at the Commission

It's not looking good for North Bay Village. On Tuesday night, there were two contradictory resolutions.

1.) Put together a full, open search for a city manager.
2.) Put together a contract to keep the current city manager.

Both failed for lack of a majority which means they will come up again.

The issue here is the difference between doing things in the light of day and doing them in the dark.

There was nothing in the first measure that would have stopped consideration of the current city manager. But it would have allowed the city to evaluate his credentials, experience and plans and see if there is a better match out there.

The second item was designed to shut this down.

Indications are that the commission is going to remain in its previous lockstep, we discuss nothing, attitude.

I was particularly disappointed the Commissioner Lim appeared to take offense at a simple request from Rodriguez, who asked him on a different item if Lim thought a docking ordinance could affect property values. This does not bode well.

The meeting was the old style mob garbage. Fane Lozman continues to give a fictitious address of 7918 West Drive, a vacant lot, because of his fear of "death threats", various CFD'ers got up to praise Bob Pushkin.

Probably the most shocking thing was when the Sergeant at Arms, Bob Daniels, ignored a direct request from the chair to restore order. His level of contempt for our government is appalling.

In personal news, I received a nasty email from the president of the CFD, a deceptive fellow who poses as an MD, righteously indignant that I had written that vice mayor Connie Kreps is the secretary of the CFD. He petulantly informed me that this is a lie as Ms. Kreps resigned in November.

I did get my information as regards the CFD from a very unreliable and untruthful source - the CFD website. Here's a picture of how it looked on January 25, 2011. Click to enlarge.
I should know better. You can't trust these people to tell the truth about anything.

Update - 3:19 PM 1/27 - Following this morning's posting, the CFD did clean up their website to remove Vice Mayor Kreps. I quote here the email I received at 2:42 PM from the President of the CFD.

Subject: Lies!!!!!!
Dearest Kevin:

Just correcting your lies. No harm done to your credibility..........I hope.


The Lewd and Lascivious "DR" Richard Chervony

This is what passes for discourse in that sad group.

So we're back in Crazy Town. The projects are dying, city hall moved for no good reason, our taxes are up, and our commission is still a mean girls clique. See what happens when you don't show up at the meetings?

Kevin Vericker
January 27, 2011

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