Friday, January 7, 2011

Next Commission Meeting Jan 11 2011

The Commission Meeting will be held at the Lexi Commission Chambers on Jan 11 at 7:30 PM, not at the school. City Hall has not yet moved but the commission chambers are ready. The chambers are small and crowded and as we discovered in December, unheated. Bring a jacket.

On the agenda are the following items:

Item 9A: Connie Kreps proposed an ordinance to reject a protest from Choice Environmental Systems on the garbage giveaway. This time she will probably remember to vote as she has been instructed. Last month, she failed to grasp the resolution she proposed and voted against herself. This may be a good time to call the City Manager to account for his statement on Sept 28 that the privatization would save between $500,000 and $600,000 per year on sanitation services, a complete untruth. Also, it may be our last chance to retain side yard pickup.

Item 9B: A new auditing firm is to be confirmed for the city. This has been needed for a while and common practice is to change auditors once per three years. It seems like a good deal.

Item 9C: An authorization for the city to use the remaining federal forfeiture funds to pay the rent on the police trailer park and for the chief to attend the Seven Islands Chief's Dinner. Don't know what that second one is.

Item 9D: Authorizes the city to release an RFP to tear down the old city hall.

Item 9E: Updates the certification process for buildings older than 40 years.

Item 9F: An authorization regarding investments of cash on hand, using our Finance Director's recommendations to ensure better returns.

Item 13A: The Post Office at 1841 Galleon St is moving out. There is talk of putting a holding cell for prisoners on the site probably owing to its ideal location between a school and the Tot Lot and in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Right now, when the NBV PD has to hold a prisoner during processing, they take the prisoner to El Portal who rents their holding cell out. The PD Chief has decided this may not be convenient and he is not to be interfered with per his contract, but the commission is a little interested in the effect of a jail on the Tot Lot.

The agenda is long and I am uploading it. Check back Monday for the rest of the story.

Kevin Vericker
January 7, 2011

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