Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Next Week...

The new commission will be installed most likely next Tuesday, November 16. The votes are in, the election is certified.

Our new commission will comprise two members, one former commissioner, and two sitting commissioners.

The new members are:

Corina S. Esquijarosa - Mayor
Eddie Lim - Commissioner (Harbor Island)
Connie Kreps - Commissioner (At Large) who served on the commission five years ago.

The sitting commissioners are Paul Vogel (North Bay Island) and Frank Rodriguez (Treasure Island).

The three most controversial commissioners - Alfonso, Kane and Trujillo - are all leaving.

We have a chance now to bring a new level of rationality to the commission. But it can't be done alone. Citizens have got to be involved and vocal about what's needed to keep the city running and move it forward. What happens in local politics affects our lives more profoundly and more quickly than most of what happens on the national level. Voter turnout overall was a little over 50%, far too low considering how easy it is to vote in North Bay Village.

Apathy is our main enemy.

Kevin Vericker
November 9, 2010

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