Monday, November 22, 2010

New City Manager? Rey Trujillo? What?

The big problem with trying to keep in the reality sphere in North Bay Village is that this city is a very weird place. The latest rumor, and I do stress rumor, is that Rey Trujillo who lost the election for mayor of NBV, is letting it be known that he would like to be city manager. I normally wouldn't even bother writing up about this but this is the sort of crazy stuff that has gone on in the past.

I really hope this is just a malicious rumor people are spreading to annoy the decent citizens of North Bay Village. Please let that be so. We've suffered enough. As commissioner, he led the charge to raise our taxes, cut our services, fire our staff, write sweet deals for the police chief and make us the laughing stock of Miami-Dade. He didn't get elected in spite of a six month head start, running against an unknown opponent and having a well financed campaign. It's time to go away for a while.

We need to watch this very carefully.

Kevin Vericker
November 22, 2010

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