Monday, September 27, 2010

The Race

Mayoral candidate Corina Esquijarosa plans a community meeting of October 15, 2010 at 7601 E. Treasure Drive (The Grand View Palace) Suite 23 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Esquijarosa is running on a platform of "More about People, Less about Politics". She holds a Masters of Public Administration and is employed by the City of Miami. I spoke with her at some length over the weekend and found her to be a refreshing change from the current political climate. I recommend checking her campaign out at Facebook.

In other news, the court still has to decide if Marta Lorenzo and Rene Alonso are qualified for the race and that is expected this week. You may have read previous news reports that they were out, but that is not the case. What happened was that an emergency injunction was not granted but the hearing on the merits has not yet taken place. Watch for more news.

Don't forget tomorrow night is the final budget hearing at 6:30 at the Treasure Island School. The hot issues are the garbage privatization and the end of side yard pickup. The PAL / DARE program suspension is sure to provide some fireworks.

Come see for yourself the effect of having to cover the almost $500,000 the city has been forced to spend in non value added costs at Rey Trujillo's behest. Higher taxes, lower services, fewer grants, more lawsuits. Maybe even take a moment to tell him how you appreciate his stewardship. Oh, also, Mr Trujillo is on the board at the Grandview Palace. Maybe we can find out when that board plans to pay the city the $57,000 in firewatch bills? You know, that have been sitting there since 2005?

Kevin Vericker
September 27, 2010

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