Tuesday, September 21, 2010

North Bay Village Police Chief Daniels Has No Time for Parents

Monday night there was an emergency board meeting of the PAL. The board unanimously passed a resolution condemning the suspension of the PAL and DARE programs without notice and requested that the suspension be revoked.

Chief Daniels sudden suspension of the police department with no notice to the parents or the commission has not gone down well. Several parents have tried to contact him about the issue but he has refused to meet or speak with them.

This situation is escalating. It is not acceptable for a police chief in a small town to simply shut out the parents of the city.

He did however find time yesterday to meet with candidate for mayor, Rey Trujillo, whose patronage was instrumental in securing the police position.

Time to meet with the politicians but not the parents and citizens? Looks more like politics than policing.

Kevin Vericker
September 21, 2010

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