Monday, August 23, 2010

North Bay Village Trujillo Tax Tonight Raised by $167,500

Here's how it broke out tonight.

2a. The proposal to pay the Miami Herald three times the amount it should cost to publish the city notices was proposed by George Kane. It passed - Rey Trujillo, George Kane and the sad Dr. Paul Vogel voting yes.

North Bay Village Trujillo Tax: $27,000 in unnecessary excess advertisement.

2b. The illegal contract with Police Chief Daniels, which overrides the city charter, and ensure 9 months salary if he is fired for anything other than criminal convictions.

North Bay Village Trujillo Tax: $81,750 plus cost of resulting lawsuits.

2c. Revoking the hiring freeze so an already filled position can be filled again.

North Bay Village Trujillo Tax: $59,000 at a minumum.

Total cost of the actions tonight: $167,500

That's just tonight. More analysis tomorrow. For now, I will leave you with a statement from compaƱero Trujillo. His objection to the Miami Daily Business Review which would have saved the city $27,000 was that only business people like lawyers and finance people read it. You know, capitalists.

Kevin Vericker
August 24, 2010

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