Monday, January 6, 2020

New Year New Village

2019 was a year of great change for North Bay Village.  The new administration took the reins and after a bumpy start, were able to begin governing.

Once we were rid of the former village manager Lewis Velken and attorney Norman Powell, the mayor and the two useful members of the dais were able to work with the new village manager Ralph Rosado and bring some semblance of sanity back to Village, culminating in my view with the reinstatement of Carlos Noriega as our police chief.

It hasn't been easy and our commissioners, unlike Mayor Brent Latham, are way too disengaged.  (special opinion note:  Jackson and Alvarez should stay as disengaged as they can.  They ran this village unto the shoals and have been no help in fixing the course.)   Still, we seem to be having normal disagreements and normal process discussions.

On the plus side, the major accomplishments:

  • We have a transit system that makes sense.  The new FreeBee and the introduction of the Downtown Express are great boons for North Bay Village.  
  • Our kids, regardless of where they attend schools, are now part of the Miami Beach PAL.
  • We are getting a dog park.  
  • The Village is active on social media, although a little more towards publicity rather than news, still it's a great start.   
  • We  have a professional administration that actually responds and when they get it wrong, fixes it.  You know, like normal people.  
  • We have a strategic plan for development.  

Let's just take a look at some of the headlines for 2019!

The news is good.  The possibilities are good.  The course is getting there.

So here's to 2020!

Kevin Vericker
January 6, 2020

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