Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Weirdness And The Horror

So does anybody know who John Vincent may be?   I would like to shake his hand and congratulate him

You see, Johnny discovered that the real problem with North Bay Village is not the mayor, the commission, the attorney or the village manager.  No, sir!  

The real problem is that the people who question them are Horror Show Monsters and today put up a video on YouTube exposing the whole thing.  You can watch it here but fair warning, it's scary as heck especially the last face.)  

So JV, good stuff!  Really classic.  Way to expose things.  

As Sherlock Holmes never said, "Elementary, my dear Watson."   

But maybe next time you send out encrypted anonymous emails, you might want to consider not including the distribution list publicly.  People don't like that.  

In other news, Mayoral Candidate Laura Cattabriga turned in her campaign finance reports and I noted that she is using Strategic Campaign Consultants, which is owned by Mitch Edelstein, the same guy who ran the Connie Leon Kreps campaign and who co-lobbied in North Miami Beach with Village Attorney Norman C. Powell for strip clubs.  Here's the list.  Seems an odd choice for a candidate trying to move away from the past.  

I think it's a valid question wonder if strip clubs are again in the plan for our causeway development.  We should watch that one.  And before the ignoramuses pipe in with "It's in our Charter that we can't have a strip club.", it's not.  We do have an ordinance prohibiting one within 500 feet of a school and the last time they tried, they found it was 501 feet from a school.   

And candidate news.  It seems like Marvin Wilmoth is unopposed for Harbor Island Commissioner which I think is good news for the Village.  Marvin has applied twice before, been turned down by the commission although he is more than usually qualified for the position.  I wonder why? 

I for one am glad he's going to be on the dais in November.  Wilmoth is bright, hardworking and not in anyone's pocket.  We're lucky.  

August 23, 2018
Kevin Vericker


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  1. My neighbor summed it up nicely... WTF??? That is by far the most childish, idiotic, cowardly action to date. And is nothing short of a poison pen letter, akin to someone dropping an anonymous blackmail letter in someones mailbox.
    Come out from behind your keyboard "John Vincent", you offensive coward. I do not find anything about this funny, your IP address will be known soon enough...


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