Friday, May 4, 2018

Isn't There More to this Story?

Yesterday I covered the New Times Article about the firing of Sam Columbano, a North Bay Village detective, which from all appearances seemed to be about his investigation of the mayor's ties with a local supporter and friend who is facing four felony counts of fraud yet remains on three of our boards.  
The firing of two North Bay Village detectives who were investigating the extortion of Doug Hornsby, the embezzlement at a Harbor Island co-op and a false complaint about former village manager Frank Rollason conspiring with Eddie Lim and Bert Wrains look to even the most casual observer like a coverup.  
But wait... Mayor Kreps supporters are going around darkly muttering that Frank Rollason and (fired) former police chief Carlos Noriega are definitely under investigation for felonies by the  FDLE and the Feds.   They really wish they could talk about it but they can't but don't worry, we'll see the truth come out.  

Over at the Incel site, LEOAFFAIRS, an anonymous troll site where cops and cop wannabes post racist and misogynist rants and untruths, the keyboard warriors have been in particular taking me to task as putting out one side of the story while knowing it's not true. 

Here's the problem.  The second side is nothing.   There's no there there.  

The two "other side" stories are:

  1. Former Village Manager Frank Rollason is being investigated for a FELONY by the state isn't he?   Well, that's not true.   It was debunked in yesterday's post.   It was never anything more than an "anonymous" complaint that was easily debunked when Frank Rollason shared all his receipts for the project bills he was accused of conspiring to get the village to pay.  It was a lie.  Don't believe me?  Read the full accounting from the North Bay Village Police here.

  2. Yeah, but the Feds were all over Village Hall pulling records and files on Carlos Noriega, right?

    Yeah, no, not like that.

    The village's claims for reimbursement for FEMA funds after Hurricane Irma are being audited, just like every other city that claimed reimbursement money.

    So the Feds have been requesting files for all overtime, not just the police.  It's what they have to do by law.  Just like your insurance adjuster asks for receipts.  There is no fraud investigation.  
What both these lies have in common is that they are designed to distract from the deliberately executed tactics to rid the village of the people who are investigating alleged crimes that could reach the dais and have already destabilized our government.  Smokescreens put up by self interest.   

Of course, I could be wrong.  I know there will be a stream of invective launched at me from the so called "other side", lies, whispers, threats, all anonymous. I've been there.  

I will reiterate my longstanding offer.  If anyone wants to on record, with your real name, to dispute the facts of the situation, I will publish your stuff unedited.   If you want to chide me and tell me that I don't have the facts, but want to remain anonymous, I will respect that and publish any supporting information you send me.   But it has to be real stuff to support, not just the voices in your head.  

But if you sit behind a keyboard wearing your anonymity to disguise your bullshit, cowards don't deserve the light of day.  

Kevin Vericker
May 4, 2018

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  1. You’re being attacked on LEO Affairs? And by the allies of politicians you’ve criticized? Well, Mazel Tov and welcome to the Big League! My first mentor, renowned blogger Chaz Stevens told me when I started out, “If you’re pissing people off, you’re doing it right.”

    Here’s to pissing off all the “right” people! Cheers!


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