Monday, December 11, 2017

Who's Next?

Last month, in a clearly orchestrated move done outside of public view, three members of the commission voted to fire Attorney Robert Switkes for no stated public reason.

Mayor Kreps - Noted as a "subject of interest"
in the extortion investigation
by Village Attorney R. Switkes
Commissioner Jose Alvarez - Family
member named as a "subject of interest"
in the extortion investigation.
Commissioner Jackson - Accused of
conspiracy to violate Sunshine Laws
by plaintiffs Laura Cattabriga and others
Switkes in turn told the dais that he believed the firing to be a retaliation for Switkes reporting the extortion attempts against Commissioner Doug Hornsby to the FBI and state authorities. Switkes also stated that a member of Commissioner Alvarez’s family and the mayor herself were subjects of interest in the investigation.

Since then, Commissioner Jackson, who has been accused of conspiracy to violate Sunshine Laws and for violating Sunshine in a lawsuit filed by the mayor’s allies, has remained tight lipped about her reasons for her sudden decision to join the subjects of interest and fire Robert Switkes, although she has promised that she will explain herself at this month’s meeting.  She won’t, but she promised. 

This week, on Thursday, December 14th at 7:30, the regular commission meeting will be held at Village Hall and although it is not on the agenda, it is widely believed that later in the evening, the two subjects of interest and the accused Sunshine violator, will vote as a bloc to fire Frank Rollason and you can expect that Chief Noriega will be immediately terminated in the same shake up. 

The mayor has been gunning for all three since the extortion attempt against Commissiner Hornsby, her former friend, did not result in his resignation. 

Commissioner Jackson told me that there is no such investigation and the mayor has said the same in the press so apparently they both believe that for some reason, Switkes, Rollason and Hornsby, simply made up that information.   This is of course stupid, self serving and destructive to North Bay Village but that does not concern either of them.

The mayor is very cunning and very, very angry and perhaps a little scared because whether or not she believes it is real, there is an investigation into the extortion attempt.  But being cunning, she knows it’s small potatoes and that without ongoing interest from the village administration, she can just run the clock out on the investigation.   And that probably will happen. 

Look, I don't know where this will all lead but nowhere good, that's for sure.

Kevin Vericker
December 11, 2017


  1. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a duck and waddles like a duck.......It's our Mayor, Connie Leon Kreps!!!!! North Bay Village Crazy!

  2. Here's the answer to your question, "Who's Next?"

    "From: "Frank Rollason"
    Date: January 16, 2018 at 6:01:59 PM EST
    Cc: , "Yvonne Hamilton" , "" , "Diego Lopez"

    Good afternoon, Mayor and Members of the Village Commission. Please be advised that this e-mail is my official notification to you of my resignation from the appointed position of Village Manager for North Bay Village effective 5:30pm, Tuesday, January 16, 2018. Simply put, it is time for me to go and for the Commission to appoint a new manager who has the confidence of the full Commission and the Village Attorney, which I do not enjoy at the present time. There should be a seamless connection between the Administration, the Village Attorney, and the Commission for the business of the Village residents to be conducted in a unified manner. This condition does not exist today. Therefore, it is time for me to move on and for you, as the elected officials of the Village, to get on with the business of the Village. During the past four and a half years, we, as a team, have accomplished much and placed the Village on a firm footing to move forward in a positive manner addressing the many existing and future needs of the Village. I implore you to stay the course and make the tough decisions necessary for the Village to survive and prosper well into the future.

    In addition, please be advised that the following Administrative Staff personnel have also submitted their resignations and I have accepted them effective 5:00pm, Tuesday, January 16, 2018:

    Ms. Jenice Rosado, Deputy Village Manager/Human Resources Director
    Evelyn Herbello, Executive Assistant to the Commission and Village Manager

    Chief Carlos Noriega has been appraised of the situation and has received all Village Property from those of us resigning as well as the resignation letters from Ms. Rosado and Ms. Herbello.

    Frank Rollason, Village Manager
    North Bay Village
    1666 Kennedy Causeway, Ste 300
    Tel: 305-756-7171 Ext 21"

    h/t NBV Commissioner Richard Chervony via Facebook


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