Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Agenda

Ah, June.  When the summer heat hits its full stride and things slow down in the Florida sun.  

It's a good time to sneak things into the village and our commission is great at that.   

Garbage:  The ruling junta of North Bay Village, the unelected unseen powers have long wanted to outsource our garbage collection and five years ago nearly did.  In fact, the only thing that saved it was when Connie Leon-Kreps voted against her own resolution to move it along because well, let's face it, she's not bright.  This was a big disappointment to the voices outside her head.  After all, why should the residents continue to enjoy sideyard pickup, our own dedicated sanitation force and the flexibility of being in charge of our sanitation when other people could make money on it?  

The whole thing was a fiasco.  Then city manager Bob Pushkin stated to the commission at the time that we would save $500,000 per year by privatizing even though his own calculations showed at best a $50,000 savings, we would lose side yard pickup, our employees would be let go.  The commission, sullied by greed, voted 4-1 to accept this.  Then as mentioned above, in her premier performance as the "Madwoman of Chaillot" Vice Mayor, Mrs. Kreps pretended that she had submitted a resolution to move the bid to a final but hadn't and she messed up her vote, leaving the bid unresolved.  When Waste Management Systems was asked to rebid with side yard pickup, they declined.  It was a mess.  
Now, rootin' tootin' straight shootin' son of a gun Frank Rollason wants to take the tainted, deceptive five year old RFP and pass it on next Tuesday night.  Such an honest move and one that will result in really killing off the rest of the quality of life we have here.  

It will pass.  Jorge Gonzalez who is now reduced to bullying residents who complain about garbage, will vote the way he's been instructed, as will the mayor if she brings the right personality and is prompted correctly, the other two don't give a crap so they'll vote for it.  

And then we'll be stuck.  

Water Rates:  The sewage is going up 18% and the water rate is going up 16.5%.  The village will blame this on the county water rates but that's not really true.  You see the village doubles the rate to cover "administrative costs" and that will simply put more money into overhead, not into a plan to fix and repair the sewers.   The costs of administering the water and sewer did not rise 16.5% and 18% respectively but that doesn't matter.  

The Magic Garage Lifts are Back:  Too many people were paying attention in May so they postponed the lifts at 7922 until June.  

The Open Space:  The commission was uninterested in hearing about the problems in May so they called in to say they were too busy.   It is being shoved to the end of the agenda and will be ignored by the four.   

August Meeting: They intend to cancel it because hey, once they've paid off their friends, ignored their constituents, protected Jorge Gonzalez from people gazing on him by stealing the easements, and made sure all the real estate flippers developers are happy, they have to spend their time somewhere.  

Happy Summer
Kevin Vericker
June 3, 2015

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