Saturday, January 10, 2015

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things In North Bay Village

Remember last year?  2014?  We had the Food Trucks once per month and the Farmers Market each week, both of which were pretty nice.  We liked them.  

We also didn't have Shuckers for most of the year, which stunk because we all like Shuckers a lot.   

So when Shuckers re-opened, we were all pretty happy.  Now we had Shuckers, Food Trucks and a Farmers Market.   Starting to look like a real place here.  But that was too much.  We are not allowed to have three nice things simultaneously. 

We stood by Shuckers but when they opened, they said "Nah-hah" to allowing the  Farmers Market and the Food Trucks on an adjacent lot.  Now there's an argument that gathering people in one spot is good for a restaurant and an even better argument that since the community and city supported the heck out of Shuckers, they could return the favor by allowing their overflow parking to be used one Wednesday per month for the popular Food Trucks and Saturday mornings for the Farmers Markets.  But they didn't and the village manager said, "Well, that's that.  Only one nice thing at a time for you."  

The Food Trucks packed up their covered wagons and moved west to Pelican Island, beyond the grip of our failed local government and created a new popular event on the Causeway.  Problem solved, right?  Nope.  It's North Bay Village adjacent and that means North Bay Village Crazy™ spreads.

Someone complained to our mayor that somehow this event hurted their business on Wednesday nights and our mayor whose best attribute is that once bought she stays bought went to the county on her own to get the food trucks shut down.  Or maybe it was just another voice in her honor's head.  And the county, who have not yet learned that our mayor's has barely a passing acquaintance with reality and the voices in her head cannot always be heard by others, shut down the Food Trucks temporarily while trying to figure out what radio frequency our mayor is tuned to. 
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After several meetings and email exchanges, in which nobody knew what the hell anybody was talking about, it was agreed that the Food Trucks could continue to operate outside North Bay Village Crazy™ three out of every four Wednesdays.  Why this schedule is not known but apparently it had something to do with calming down one of Mayor Kreps personalities.  So we got a 3/4 solution.  

Isn't it fun having a lunatic for a mayor?  

Kevin Vericker
Jan 10, 2015

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