Monday, May 12, 2014

What do May flowers bring?

The Commission Meeting is up tomorrow at 7:30 PM in our brand new commission chambers at 1666 JFK Causeway (same building as Oggi).   Used to be the Sabadell Bank but they closed.  Since there were no businss broker fees to be made banks interested in North Bay Village (seriously, they asked around), the commissioners decided to spend an unbudgeted $49,000 to rent the space and trick it out for their use because the chairs were uncomfortable at the Treasure Island Elementary School location. 

 Of course, you remember how on the survey, which will be presented on Thursday night, the residents of North Bay Village were asked the question "Would you rather the commission spend $49,000 for softer chairs or they fund the Police Athletic League for $35,000, the Crime Watch for $10,000 and spend some money at Bed Bath & Beyond on cushions?" I don't remember it either but it must have been on there because instead of funding the PAL and the Crime Watch, they spent it on snazzier digs.   Maybe it will help them better focus. 

 Also, I don't remember a question on the survey that said "Do you want a bank in town or would you rather that the village claim the only building set up for that?" Still, it must have been on there. 

What else? Last month, the police chief went to the Law Enforcement Trust Fund, federal money we get for policing activities, and having listened carefully to what the residents want, decided to spend the money on magic water to baptize our goods in case they are stolen and in case somebody notices and in case somebody has the secret decoder ring to read the device and then it might get returned. They did not spend the money of Closed Circuit TV cameras at the entrances of Treasure Island. 

Nope, they didn't. Must have been a hidden survey question. 

 Tomorrow night the PACE program, Property Assessed Clean Energy Program is up. I didn't attend the workshop due to a schedule conflict. It should be an interesting discussion. 

 The commission is being asked to approve Kimberley-Horne to design two Baywalk Plazas that will never be built. Since the waterfront condos refuse to open access as they are required to by code, what's the point? Money will be spent. I guess that's the point. 

 Speaking of money, congratulations to the North Bay Village Scholarship Fund. This year there's an additional $1,871.53 scholarship. You see, three of the commission members decided to take vacation in January and two of them, Eddie Lim and Wendy Duvall donated their salary to the fund. Another commissioner, Richard Chervony  decided to do the same even though he did not call in off, and it was topped off by a resident, a local loudmouth whom the mayor finds negative. 

Our Mayor, Connie Kreps, who also called in for vacation in January, declined as it was her birthday, a previously unnoted NBV holiday apparently, plus she personally supports two small businesses that she didn't name in North Bay Village.  So Mrs. Kreps pocketed the paycheck for not showing up, but on the positive side, a kid on the way to college is getting some coin to help out. Thanks to Commissioners Chervony, Lim and Duvall. 

There's more.  There's always more.  But that's the main stuff.  Spending sprees.

Kevin Vericker
May 12, 2014

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