Friday, April 18, 2014

The Trolls Have Started

I started this blog in the naive hope that having open, opinionated discussions about the politics in North Bay Village is useful.  I still believe that.   One aspect of our politics that I hated then and hate even more now is the anonymous troll, comments that add nothing, slanders, and shocking revelations without sources.   

Mayor Kreps as one of the founding mothers of the Citizens For Full Disclosure was responsible for much of this nasty business.  The CFD consistently sent out unsigned emails alleging crimes great and small without any backup or any signatures, a classic bullying tactic.   More sinister than that, these cyber messages were often accompanied by old fashioned hate mail, sent from an untraceable return address (usually) to targeted individuals containing threats or insults.  In one case, my address was used as the return address in a childish attempt to annoy me.   (BTW, that's also federal mail fraud but the USPS won't investigate without a police complaint and North Bay Village Police would not file one.)  

As we gear up for an election in 2014, the first election in which Mayor Kreps is likely to face actual opposition, someone is sending anonymous snail mails revealing an old and settled question about another commissioner deemed to be in opposition to the mayor and who is rumored to have his eye on the mayor's seat.   

At the same time, at LEOAFFAIRS, someone else is anonymously posting information about another potential mayoral candidate and announcing plans to investigate him.   

Anonymous letter writers and other trolls are the lowest form of intellectual life.  I've taken a few hits for my highly opinionated writings, but let me assure you fearful little trolls, life is better in the sunshine.  

When you see unsigned attacks coming in the email or mail, pay them as much respect as the writer has for you.  Toss them.  Neither the attack nor the writer are worthy of decent people's time.   

Kevin Vericker
April 18, 2014

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