Monday, March 10, 2014

Has The Commission Just Given Up?

Reviewing the agenda for tomorrow night, it jumps out that almost all matters not related to real estate development are in the consent agenda, a part of the agenda which typically contains items so obvious that the commission doesn't need to consider them for discussion.  These might include routine resolutions to extend a contract or recognition of certain national issues like "Support An Athlete Day."  This month however the consent agenda includes:
  • The appointment of a permanent building official by entering into a contractual relationship with a third party.  
  • The appointment of a public works director by entering into a contractual relationship with a third party. 
  • Changing the insurance program to allow elected officials to participate at their own expense in the village's health plan.  
  • Renting yet another piece of real estate for our commission.  
  • Funding a health program for the school.  
Now each of these proposals has its merits, except for renting new commission space for our permanently temporary village hall, but each of them should be discussed and understood by the commission.   Trying to jam them through as a consent agenda contravenes the purpose of the commission to act as the board of this village.   We'll see how it goes tomorrow.  

In that same spirit, you might notice that except for P&Z, there is no board activity to report on and nothing on the calendar for this month.   

No Meetings At All
This is all bad.  No discussions.  No commiunity.  No events.   It's like we don't have a government at all.  

Kevin Vericker
March 10, 2014

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