Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stop Messing Around with Our Streets

Just clean the damn sidewalks!  Why can't our village staff get this right?   Case in point - on October 1, I wrote an email to the village manager pointing out that the Causeway sidewalk was totally blocked by a palm tree hanging three feet off the ground and has been since at least last January when I first reported it.  After several emails telling me he would be driving around (not walking) and several more from me reminding him of it, yesterday, an email dripping with sarcasm was sent out announcing that the tree had been trimmed.  A month later!

That's good.  At least pedestrians don't have to step into the causeway traffic to keep walking. But the rest of our sidewalks and streets are just dirty.   Poorly kept shrubbery, dumping in plain sight, clogged sewer drains, are the norm.   One poster on the  Facebook page  noted the same thing I did - there were two shopping carts dumped on Adventure that were there for five full days.   

Look, our public works manager makes $70 per hour.  Our taxes just went up 15% and our utility rates 16% and everyone got a raise.  Now get a broom.  Get out of the car.  Walk the streets and fix them.   

It's clear to me that the village manager is uninterested in the day to day quality of life issues.   But our commission should be.  We've got to hold them accountable.   

Kevin Vericker
October 29, 2013

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