Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back from Vacation

L'Shana Tovah.  A sweet New Year to all my Jewish friends.  Like so many things, the Jews got this one right.  The real New Year for anyone who ever attended American schools is the beginning of September and it's a right time to appreciate the gift of time and seasons.  

I just got back from a terrific vacation so I have been quiet for the last two weeks.  Nothing like the California coast with fresh morning fog and highs in the 70's to recharge.  

September of course is also budget season.   By now we've received the TRIM notices showing the 7.5 cap.  That's a lot of math, and make no mistake, a millage increase is a tax increase.  If our village millage goes to 7.5, that's a 56% increase in taxes.   It probably won't go that high, more likely it will settle around 6.1, a 28% rise in taxes and don't forget your house taxable value goes up as well under Save Our Homes.  

The question that the commission and residents need to ask is are we getting value for our money spent?  

A lot has been made about legal bills going over budget, and they have, but nary a word on the dais about why they went over budget and that answer is simple - the police chief spent it and it produced nothing.   This is a problem. 

It needs to be front and center in every discussion about the budget and it needs to be dealt with honestly.  

I will be posting more about this and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the subject.  

Kevin Vericker
September 4, 2013  

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