Thursday, August 1, 2013

26 % Rise in Taxes Proposed. Could be as high as 57%

Last night, the commission voted to cap the operating millage 7.5, up from the current millage rate of 4.7772.  That's the top figure, not one they intend to hit.   Still that would be a 57% increase in our property taxes.   

The probable increase, based on the draft budget presented last night is to 6.0031, up from 4.7772.   

That's a property tax increase of 26%.   

And for this, we get, well nothing.  The status quo.   

The biggest portion of the increase is the Police Budget, requesting a cool $620,085 over last year to maintain the current staffing levels.   

This is a good place to note that this year the Chief wasted $500,000 pursuing two routine personnel matters that everyone knew would lose and against all advice.    He also appointed his own wife to a no show "volunteer" position so North Bay Village would pay for her certification.   The overtime costs are out of control as he keeps an officer he doesn't particularly like at home with full pay.  The force is so demoralized that their sick time is 3 times the state average.  The dispatch department failed their state certification and the detached detectives are not bringing the Trust Fund money this year.   It's bad.    

The next steps are the commission needs to take a sharp pencil and a sharper scalpel to the budget, particularly the police budget, and take the village back.   We are not a socialized employment scheme for failed management and nepotism.   

The public meetings to discuss these will be held September 17 at 6 PM and September 25 at 6 PM.  

Kevin Vericker
August 1, 2013

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