Monday, May 6, 2013

Catching Up

I have been unusually for me quiet these last two weeks.  I had some business that required me to travel to Colombia and some lovely personal business to attend to.   

The personal business were three houseguests - a niece and her two babies, 18 months old and 4 months old respectively - and they stayed for two weeks.  

But now I'm back and the house is quiet and less fun than it was so I will just catch up on the big things and then this week go into detail.  

  • It is looking more and more like we are never going back to the Lexi.  There is still no definitive diagnosis about what went wrong but it does not seem like it will be possible to return.
  • As everyone expected, the PD lost its second wrongful dismissal caseThe total cost of pursuing two routine personnel matter is now cruising close to $1 million.  
  • Someone drove through the Hess window again. 
  • The El Presidente Supermarket which replaced the Food Giant seems to be bright, clean and well stocked so that's nice. 
  • The search for the new Village Manager is on.  
   So that's the major stuff.  More to come through the week.  
Kevin Vericker
May 5, 2013   

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