Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crisis? What Crisis?

Tuesday night April 9, 2013 the Commission is having its regular meeting at 7:30 PM, Treasure Island Elementary Auditorium.  The strangest word in that sentence is "regular".  There's nothing regular going on.  Quick review:
  • Last week the commission fired the village manager. 
  • We still don't know why our city hall is sick, if it's getting better and if we can move back.  
  • Our police chief is under investigation for appointing his wife to a no show position so she could maintain her state certification at the city's expense.  
  • The city is about $193,000 over budget and heading for more.  
But the commission agenda  looks like times are normal.  Don't believe me?  Start out with Item 11A.   
11A is for the city to spend $17,500 to start a dock at Vegel Park. That's a complete waste of money.  First of all, there is no demand for it.  None.  Pointless. 
People have complained rightly about the misuse of the park.  Well, if you look at the floating slum of Pelican Harbor, think about who's going to be hanging out in the park.  You want your kids around that crowd?
11E is to transfer $25,000 from the rapidly shrinking reserve to fund a fireworks show for July 4.  Look, how about we clean the streets first?  Seriously, fix the street sweeper and plan a "clean streets" day.  
It's not just the money, it's the time.  City staff has to dedicate time to a dock that will not serve a single North Bay Village resident.  City staff has to work on the fireworks show when they should be working on finding us a city hall. 
There are other items that need discussion but the priorities are just straight up crazy.  
Kevin Vericker
April 7, 2013  

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  1. Looks like the village PD is in shambles via these forum posts:


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